Discussions regarding the Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks (ICFs) are well underway. To start the process, the CAOs of the County of St. Paul and the Town of Elk Point met on January 25, 2019, to ensure all current services offered by each municipality (directly, intermunicipally or through a third-party agreement) were captured for discussion and inclusion in the ICF.

On February 20, the first Intermunicipal Negotiation Committee (INC) meeting was held between the County and the Town. The INC is comprised of two elected officials from each municipality as well as the CAO and Mayor/Reeve as ex-officio members. The INC is the group responsible for negotiating the terms of the ICF.

At the meeting on February 20, the Committee discussed all current intermunicipal agreements and ideas for future collaboration on services. Consensus has already been reached in many service areas, and the municipalities will meet again in late April to continue the discussion.